sreda, 31. december 2014

Winter fairytale

So finally we awaited snow in our country and I was so excited that I decided for a little walk in the woods with my best friend and shoot some photos along.
I  have always loved Christmas time because of the lights, decorations, spending time with your friends and family,...etc. But this year wasn't so great because I spent most of December in hospital and having really bad panic attacks. But that day I felt like a little kid walking in the snow and forgot all the problems.
I spent Christmas with my family and it was one of the best that I've ever had. The gifts were great and my favourite is definitely Chanel lipstick that I got from my dad which I'm wearing in this photos. Also I loved all the presents that I received from my friends cause they are so thoughtful. On the Christmas day we played quiz and I don't remember a day that I laughed so much. It was so funny watching my mom screaming the answer if she knew it and claping to herself if she got it right. 

So tomorrow we are going to step in the new year and my new year resolution is to be happy and don't stress as much as I did last year... and more blogging.
So how was your year like and what are your new year resolutions?
I hope that you are going to spent New Year's Eve with the ones you love and that you are going to have a great year.
So I'm going to see you in 2015

sobota, 06. december 2014

First let me mention that I LOVE baths. Every Sunday night I usually take one hour for myself, I light up the candles, I put some relaxing music and I throw  a LUSH BALL in my bathtub.

I found Lush in London, which I visited in August and I fell in love with this store. When I found out that we also got Lush in Slovenia I went to visit it the same second (OK not literally but the first second I got the opportunity to go).

So last month I treated myself and bought a couple of things (sorry because I didn't put the post before, but I lost my footage - typically me)


This one is my favourite so I had to buy two of them. The scent is a bit sweet but it's not too strong. When you put it in the bathtub the water becomes purple with little sparkles, but they don't stick on your body.


This scent is hard to describe, it says that it smells like lavender but I can't agree with that. The one thing that I can assure is that if you love sweet scents but not too overwhelming then you are going to love it. When you put it in the tub you can see purple, pink and blue colours but at the end it becomes purple.


This scent reminds me of honey (*duh*) but it's not too strong because I don't actually like the smell of honey. When you put it in the bath the water becomes light yellow.

This bubble bath is a bit different to others. It is more useful than others because you can use it more than once and it also creates bubbles. I think that the smell reminds me of spruce tree but nobody agrees with me. The glitter isn't the best because it sticks on your body after the bath.
(Sorry this was limited edition)


This bubble bath literally smells like that bubble gum that we loved when we were younger (hope you know what I mean). The scent is very sweet and you can smell this ball all day and you won't get tired of the smell. When you put it in the bath the water becomes pink and the best part is, that it BUBBLES!!

So yeah, this was it and I think that I'm going to vist Lush in December where there are all the christmas  stuff. So I would like to know what is your favourite Lush product and what do you recommend?

See you soon!

petek, 31. oktober 2014

I really love halloween because I can experiment with make-up. In my country we don't celebrate halloween so kids here don't go *trick-or-treating*. That's why we don't usually dress-up, but I still wanted to do something fun for this year. So this year I was a doll and a skull.

I really want to know what were you for halloween?
See you soon

petek, 10. oktober 2014


Let's start with a little introduction: my name is Lara, I'm 15 years old and I live in a small country in central Europe called Slovenia.
I love music and I can play a cello, a piano, a guitar (a little bit) and a flute(a little bit).I have  always loved fashion and this year I  have  also taken interest in beauty.
I decided that I'm going to start a blog because I have always loved writing and I want to try something new.

So here is the place where I'm going to post my thoughts, opinions,covers (maybe) and travel experiences!
See you soon!
btw: this is me:)