nedelja, 31. maj 2015

  ❁ Field of flowers

 Hey there,
long time no see, did you miss me? Probably not but I'm still here. The reason that there hasn't been a new post for a such a long time is one simple reason: school. Currently I have lots of work because now I have to do all the exams to pass this class and because I'm homeschooling I need to do most of them by myself and me and Maths aren't really best friends.  And with that I also need to find someone who wants to spend time with me and take photos of my face (poor thing).  So I really need to thank my best friend Petra who helps me with the photos because  I couldn't have done this without her. 
That's me at the bottom if you haven't noticed 

Also I need to thank you guys who clicked on this blog and spend 5 minutes (or more) reading my posts or even write a comment on my post. It's been around 3000 people who clicked on my blog and someone would think that is nothing but I can't even believe, it's just so crazy to put your mind to it. I'm literally shaking right now while writing this. So yeah, I just want you to know that I appreciate every single one of you reading this and I can't thank you enough and I just hope you're enjoying my blog

And once again thank you for reading this blog post, hope you liked it and let me know in the comments how was your may. And as always I will see you soon