torek, 14. julij 2015

Daises on my dress.

Hi everyone,
wow I really love summer it's my favourite season and not just because it's my birthday but because of warm nights, long days, green everywhere and because everyone is free and you have so much time that sometimes you don't know what to do with it. Also it's a great time because my panic attacks are almost gone so I don't feel anxious as I use to. I was under so much stress but now I don't give a fluff about anything. I know that I shouldn't push my problems away but I really need this time for myself. 

It's really weird to see me actually smile because I use to be very insecure about my smile because I have a gap between my front teeth so I always smiled with my mouth closed. I just thought I look ugly and when I got a retainer in December I was even more insecure about my smile because I thought I look like 12. But when I took pictures for my blog with my friends I always laughed out loud and when I saw the pictures I was slowly getting used to it and started to like them. That was a pretty big step for me because my teeth were always my flaw since I was 8 and I started to worry what other people thought about me and when I was 12. I wrote in my diary that my teeth were one of my top 3 insecurities. When I'm looking at this pictures I actually like my smile and also you can see my dimples I know they're not big but they are still there. 
I know that everyone has insecurities bigger or smaller they are still there and I know that you can't simply ignore it. But there are also some things that we like about ourselves. For example I really like my eyes because they're quite big and blue which is one of my favourite colours. Also because only 20% of world population has blue eyes. 

So I want to know in the comments what is one of your favourite attribute and why do you like it. 

Also the dress is from Pimkie which as you know is one of my favourite shops. And this dress is one my favourite because it's so summer-y and it's really comfortable. This one also has daises on it which are one of my favourite flowers. The hat is from H&M and I remember that I bought it the first week I started high school when II went shopping with my              schoolmates who I really miss. There weren't any photos of my shoes but they are flats which I bought in Mass

Hope you liked this post and as always I will
See you soon