nedelja, 22. marec 2015

Things to be grateful!!

You probably know that long nights when you can't sleep and you get deep into your thoughts. Well I got one of those four days ago. I thought about how lucky I actually am that I can sleep every night in my bed with roof above my head. There are so many things that we take for granted, which some of people wouldn't even dare to dream of.

I'm going to start with most logical thing and about how we always complain how our phones are not working as they should or how our computers keep shutting down, when we don't even realize that there are people who can't even drink drinking water or they wear the same clothes for almost all of their lives. Do we even realize how lucky we are that we even got our *stupid* phone and lots of other similar stuff. 

Second thing is school. Currently I'm kinda home schooled so it's not rare that I want to quit studying and don't want to deal with it for the rest of the day. But we should be more serious about it considering that in some countries they don't even let girls go to school. Besides there are countries where most of children can't read let alone write. So next time when you're doing work for school or studying for math exams just remember how lucky you are that you have the right to education. And don't worry I need to remind myself about this 5 times a day.

The third thing is (which I didn't think about before but the idea came to me after a talk with a friend) that of course we have some things that we like to change like freckles on your nose or the whole nose itself. But there are some people who will never experience stuff that we take for granted. When I have started having panic attacks I wanted to give everything to get rid of them. Luckily now I can stop them by listening to music. But what about those people who will never hear music, what about those who will never see how beautiful day is today. I don't write this to pity them but to respect them because they are true heroes.

List of related stuff goes on and on... but I think that we often forget things like that. So next time when you are going to have some trouble with your phone or studying just remember that there are worse things. So take advantage of the opportunities that are given to you. So this is my first post about my thoughts and I hope you will like it. Now I should go back to study history from which I have exam tomorrow. So fingers crossed.

See you soon

torek, 03. marec 2015

Spring sweaters 

I can't believe that is already spring, like I still think that yesterday was December. But I'm not complaining because that means there are only 3 months till summer!

Spring is the time where the weather gets warmer but that happens in the middle of spring so that means that we need to put up with cold for more than 40 days. And because I don't want to wear same old colors like I did in winter I need new sweaters in brighter colors. So I went on We heart it for some inspirations and I want it to share them with you.

This was the first photo that inspired me to do this post, because you can't even decide which one is your favorite

Why I don't have this one in my closet?!?

Not usually a fan of roll neck but I would give this one a try

I was always obsessed with flower patterns and because it's spring it obviously a must. Wow I just realized that the top is see through, yep I'm an idiot.
There are 2 reasons why I love this sweater, 1: because I love the colors 2. the collar (even though it's not part of the sweater)
C'mon who could hate this color:)

So I hope you like my post and you get some inspirations for yourself. And as always I will 
see you soon

nedelja, 01. marec 2015

A walk in my hometown

Yesterday was such a nice day that it would be a crime not to get out of the house and enjoy in the sun. That's way I thought that it would be a perfect day to visit the center of Škofja Loka and because I haven't done a blog post in quite a while I took my friend and the camera with me:)

As you can see I also had a haircut which I actually love. When I was younger I hated every time that my mom took me to the hairdresser because I thought that girls should have long hair because that makes them cuter *bullshit*. My hair were pretty long and because I have lots of hair it always took me a lot of time to do something with it. Having short hair is a plus and a minus because it takes you less time to brush it, hair dry it,...but also you can't do a lot of hairstyles like lots of plats or buns.
I also coloured my  hair. Nothing drastic. I coloured them just because I was bored of my hair color and I wanted something lighter because I don't want to look as pale as I already am.

I don't visit Škofja Loka as often as I used to. Mostly because my school is in a different city and I don't have as much time as I used to have. Which is pretty sad because it is such a nice town with historical tales and amazing architecture. I want to tell you more about it but I'm  going to save it for my post about Škofja Loka which will probably come in April or May.

I hope that you've liked the post and as always I will
See you soon

Coat: Dorothy Perkins 
Dress: Pimkie
Leggings: Pimkie
Shoes: Dr. Martens