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                      High by the beach  


 Hey there!
I actually thought that I'm going to have more time in July to focus on the blog, but then I didn't have an internet conncetion and I went to the seaside for about two weeks. And when I came back I didn't have any footage to upload. But I had some amazing pictures from my trip to Croatia-Cres so I decided that I'm going to tell you more about this vacation.

Cres is an Adriatic island in Croatia. It has an amazing history, it was ruled by Greeks, the Romans and it was also a part of Byzatine Empire and Republic of Venice. I personally love this island because the water is so clear so you're always swimming in this beautiful turquoise colour. Also the town is never too crowded so it's always nice to go for a little walk and just admire the architecture. Also usually  some local musicans preform which is always wonderful to listen while drinking some lemonade. 

So now with my experience: As I said this is my favourite place to go to seaside, so of course I was excited when I found out that we're going to stay there for about two weeks. But then the morning of leaving my body just said 'Fuck you!!' and send my period two weeks early. That morning I had the worst cramps so I just felt like my organs were playing volleyball with my uterus. I was also in the mood of making a death lists just like Arya Stark only that mine would include names of people that talked to me that day. So as you probably guessed my last wish was going to the seaside not able to go into pure blue water and just rotting on the sun. But at the end my mother conviced me to go with them and it even wasn't that bad because I slept 3/4 of trip and only complained about how I need to use the bathroom but I couldn't go to the bathroom because I hate public toilets with all my heart (I got shivers from just thinking about them). I also bought Paper Towns from John Green at the gas station because I didn't have any books to read and the library was closed. We drove for about 6 hours and also took the ferry to the island. We arrived at about 10 pm and I was pretty tired and my bladder didn't take any of that shit. But first we got lost about 5 times until some kind man gave us the map and walk us to our apartment. Then I just took a shower and got in my comfortable PJ's and went to sleep. 

The next day my cramps didn't go away so I couldn't go swimming and it was boiling outside so I stayed inside and started to watch Game of Thrones on my dad's computer and started to watch from the start just because I hoped that this time Ned Stark wouldn't die (SPOILER ALLERT!!).  I accidentally watched a whole season in one day, seriously I wish I was joking.
 But the next day was a lot better so I also went swimming and took some pictures of an amazing sunshine which was nothing new for the locals but for us was the prettiest thing ever. It's just so weird to think that they take that kinda stuff for granted and it makes me wonder what if we are surrounded with same things but we always crave for different things just because we get bored of beauty. 

The next days were nothing  special. Just going to the beach and trying to get a tan. It's really funny because my mom has an italian blood so she gets brown in no time and I'm just there happy if I get into the shade just so I don't look like a walking dead. Also I read Paper Towns in 2 days but I was quite disappointed. Don't get me wrong it's a good book but because of all the hype I was just expecting something more. I just don't get why one guy would be so obsessed with the girl who has been ignoring him for years and that just because of one night they have spent together. But that's just one person's opinion. 
Also me and father decided to visit the town Cres and have a look around.  First we went for a walk so I could take some pictures of the city. Then we went to a cafe where two local artists preform old classic like The Beatles, The Doors,... and it was really nice to listen and relax and just have a nice talk with my father. When I was younger he introdeced to the old classics so I can thank him for my music taste and loving acoustic music. 

At the end of vacation my sister also came to visit us with her boyfriend. She also brought me the second book from trilogy Hunger Games because the last part of series is coming to theaters in November so I needed to refresh my memory. It's a really good book a lot better than the movies-even though I actully quite liked them, so I really recomend it if you're wanting something thrilling and gripping. It has quite a lot of violence but it's not barbaric as you would expect. 
The last days we mostly visited other shores because the closest beach we lived near was so crowded and even the water wasn't that clean so we wanted someting more peaceful. And the shores were beautiful and the water was so clear you could see the bottom even if you swam 50 meters.

The last day we left quite early so that we could catch the ferry at about 11 a.m (and that's early for me because I'm not a morning person). Again the road was nothing special I just listend to music the whole trip and sleept. 

And that was my trip. Again sorry about deley I know I didn't posted for  long time so I'm now writing this in Paris so I can upload it as soon as I come home (so you can probably guess what next post will be about). Also I hoped you have had a great summer because school unfortunately starts next week, at least in Slovenia. So I hope you'll have good grades and most importantely a good time. And for all freshmen I hope you got to make a lot of friends on the first day. 
See you soon,

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  5. Ohh, looks like you had a brilliant time despite the cramps. Gorgeous pictures too, good photography!

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  6. Lala... the water looks so inviting and clear... I love that kind of lake xox

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