nedelja, 28. junij 2015

Summer everywhere   

Hey there,
I just wanted to make another outfit post because I like doing it and I hope you like reading it:) So there again I went with my friend Petra, which is always the poor soul that is taking pictures of me, for a walk through woods and fields near my home. 

Lara without leggings what the fluff!!! Yeah I know I'm kinda shocked too, but the reason is that it is boiling hot outside and I don't want to make my life harder that already is. I think that I have a serious obsession with leggings like I probably have 12 pairs of leggings and 3 pairs of jeans. They are just so comfortable how could you hate it. But I like the skirt. I bought it last year in Pimkie which is my favourite shop ever, ever, EVER. But I didn't wear it a lot because I wasn't comfortable with showing my legs, but now I don't really care. I mean it's pointless hiding something yours and boiling on the sun just because you're afraid that someone will judge it. I'm still not 100 percent comfortable with my body but I'm getting there. I'm planing to focus more on  that theme in another blog post that will come out in the future:)

For make-up I decided that I'm gonna go subtle on the eyes and focus more on the lips. I love the dark colour lipstick I just think that it suits me because I'm really pale (seriously I know that I mention that in every blog post but look at my arms at the upper photo they are almost the same shade as my shirt) and I just feel so classy/badass while wearing it. Unfortunately I can't tell you the name of the lipstick because I got it  for Christmas a few years ago in case full of make-up which was probably cheap and I lost/gave other products because they were crap. But I keep this one it still is not one of the best lipstick that I had but it did it's job.
Other products that I'm wearing:

Catrice Go Charlie Brown (for eyebrows)

So again I hope that you like the pictures and the post. Also I would like to know how was your June like so let me know I the comments below:) Also if you want to watch more of my face ('cause of course you do) you can follow me on instagramtwitterfacebook and snapchat which is larajemec. Just follow me, just follow your dreams (or something like that).Hope you had a great day and as always I will
See you soon

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  1. O kako prelepe vintage slike <3

    U r stunning!

  2. I love how etherial and beautiful there photos are! Great post!

    Ginger Side of Life

  3. Cute Summer look dear :)
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you and I hope you have a great weekend also:)

  4. Thank you a lot for your last comment on my blog dear :)

  5. this pictures are totally amazing my dear, love it!! :D

  6. Yayy for body positivity! :D

  7. Thank you for leaving a comment!
    I have noticed, that there seem to be only two groups regarding The Lord of the Rings: The first loves it and the second one hates it. There is no in between :D My mother also loved it and my aunt didn't ;) I haven't seen the movies though, maybe that would have changed my reading experience? I guess I should see to get my hands on them soon :)
    I am not sure if Marianna Butenschön's book is published in other languages apart from German, but I am sure there would be other ones about Alexandra from Russia.
    Have a great day!

  8. Luškan outfit, še posebej mi je ta majčka všeč, v belo-črno kombinaciji in s črnim ovratnikom :)