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Well, in March I have been experimenting with new make-up and found some which I'm in love with and some that I wasn't so happy about. Today I'm going to focus on the better half and hope you'll find some use out of it - even if you don't I'm still doing it. 

Tarte, park ave princess : Because you can't get that in Slovenia I had to order it from America which you had to pay the duties which was 37% of the whole price (yep I did match for you guys). But it was all worth it because I love the product. The bronzer it's just wonderful and the blush is so pigmented and it goes great with the highlighter. 

L'oreal Paris, La Palette Nude: well this palette is definitely a 'Must Have'. It has all the nude colours that you need and I recommend it to you if you're new in make-up. It has 4 shimmery colours and 6 matt colours and most of them are very pigmented. It's like the cheaper version of the Naked pallets. Also it's very compact for traveling.

Bourjois Paris, Healthy Mix foundation and Bourjois Paris, Healthy Mix concealer; First let me just say that Bourjois foundations are my favourite because they feel light, the coverage is great, they don't leave any spots on my skin and they smell so good (which is very important to me, because who likes a foundation that smells like paint). Also what I love about this foundation is that is very similar to my skin tone- which is really hard because I'm so white that even when you turn the light off you can see me. The concealer is also great and it covers the spots but my favourite is definitely Wake Me Up concealer by Rimmel.

Bourjois Paris, Rose de Jaspe: First thing I need to put out is that I love the scent. I know it's weird but it's really rare that you find a blusher that you like the scent. Basically Bourjois made a collection of blushers and everyone is made for a different skin tones (so of course I took for the lightest skin). And it actually looks really natural on my cheeks. Also I like the light shimmer in it so you don't need to use highlighter.

So yeah these are some things that I loved in March and I still love in April. Let me know what were your favourites in March so that I could try and tell you what I think. I hope you like this post and as always I will
See you soon


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