nedelja, 05. april 2015


Well today I wanted to post my March favorites but then I couldn't go on my computer and got bored and start doing some Easter cards for my friends. And then some stupid idea come to my mind that I should do a blog post about that. So here are some ideas for some shitty Easter cards for people that you hate the least.

*Also I want to add that I'm also a Christian so don't take them to seriously. 

Unfortunately this was the nicest one.

Don't judge by the looks...judge by the yolk (get it, get it, because it's an egg....I'm going to shut up)

Or a cat...........or Voldemort

If you don't get that one do yourself a favour and go watch Harry Potter.

I think I need to make 20 of these...or 200

Just look the chick, he is so pissed off.

You see what I did there....I need to stop:(

A nice way to tell people that you don't like them

Thank God it's over. So what did you think? Do you like them? If you have any other ideas for cards please leave them in the comments.

Also Happy Easter and eats lots of chocolate:)
See you soon,

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